Get a Professional Review and Analysis of your Website to Fix Issues that may have a negative impact on your rankings.

Website Audit

Imagine one day you are at the top of Google rankings, then all of a sudden, you’re on page 10. You wonder what in the world happened. Unfortunately, this scenario happens more than you may think. That’s why it’s vital to have a Website Audit Report.

Why Do You Need a Website Audit Report?

You have a physical once a year to make sure you are healthy. If you are using your website as the main core of your online marketing strategy, you should have a Website Audit Report for basically the same reason. Many things can go wrong with your website. With Google rolling out between 500 and 600 algorithm changes every year, it’s crucial to get a website check up every year to make sure your website is configured to these changes.
Google wants to make sure top ranking websites are worthy of top results. To ensure that, they have two major algorithms, called Panda and Penguin. Since 2011, there have been 25 Panda updates and since 2012, there have been 3 Penguin updates, which have affected 41.4% of search queries. Panda updates are generally targeting websites with low quality content and Penguin updates targeted web spam. A Website Audit Report allows you to get a comprehensive, professional health check on your website covering Web Design and Web Structure Analysis, Page and Link Errors, Page Title and Meta Description Issues, Back Links Analysis, URL Architecting, Duplicate Content Analysis, In-depth target Keyword Analysis and much, much more!

Summary of What We Do

Market Research and Analysis

We perform manual and software-driven keyword and keyword structuring research, ranking and competition analysis. We identify priority issues and recommend a fix.
Web Design Analysis *note to designer (same size as content but bold gold)
We check for possible issues on your website platform and hosting, perform malware checks, analyze your website design and check for browser compatibility, site loading speed, navigation and content crawl-ability.

Website Structure Analysis

We check for search engine tools such as Google Analytics, Google & Bing Webmaster tools. We also check for site-maps and URL structure, internal linking and mapping.

Error Troubleshooting Report

We look for broken links and 404 error pages. We also check your Robots. TXT, Robots Meta Tags and indexed pages.

Page Title and Meta Description Troubleshooting

We check for duplicate, missing and long page titles and meta description as they affect SEO.

Backlinks Report

We check for external links that are pointing to your pages and see if there are issues.

Content Analysis and Optimization Guidelines

We analyze your content, check for quality and duplication. We also check for keyword grouping, do URL mapping and check for issues on your target URLs and URL architecting. We then provide content instructions to optimize your content.

Report Summary and Recommendation

We provide you a report summary and provide recommendations line by line with priority tags and pricing to set your expectations.

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A Website Audit Report will give you a clear picture.
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