Build a Strong Marketing Foundation for Your Real Estate Services through Digital Marketing

More and more prospective home buyers and sellers are turning to the Internet to buy or sell homes.

Home Buyers go to the Internet to Find Real Estate Professionals

According to studies, 90% of home buyers search online during their home buying process. They’re browsing real estate company websites, searching the inventories of listing services, reading reviews, and watching online videos.

Can your prospective clients find you when they search for real estate professionals online? Are there positive reviews about your services online?

Get a Mobile-friendly Website Today

Your prospective clients aren’t just performing searches on desktop—they’re also using their mobile devices and tablets to access information about residential real estate. In fact, 50% of home buyers utilize a mobile website when searching for a home to purchase.

New home buyers are most likely to perform the following tasks on mobile devices:

  • 51% read general information
  • 44% compare the prices of different homes
  • 35% compare the features of different homes
  • 48% get directions to visit a home

Is your real estate services website mobile-responsive? Does your website adjust and display correctly across an array of devices?

With our Help, You can Expand the Visibility of Your Real Estate Services Online

If your answer to any of these questions is “no,” there’s no need to hit the roof.

Our Brand Optimization service and other online marketing services can build and expand your brand’s presence online.

Whether you’re offering your clients residential or commercial real estate services, or property management, our online marketing services will help you attract and engage more leads, and convert them into clients.

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